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Om Equilibrium is form by a competent team of enthusiastic professionals, committed and experienced, whose work is performed according to core values: Team Work. Commitment, with the users, to lead them to build healthy lifestyles, making a personalized custom channel. Responsibility, to our actions, seeking to improve increase the quality of life of people assisted. Professionalism, equipping, training and continuously updating on the best techniques. Care, we work on our technique, with a complete injury prevention, adapting every therapy to the needs or possibilities of each user. Confidence, in the relationships we create with our clients.
José Ruiz García

José Ruiz García



  • Chiromassage
  • Reflexology
  • Thai – Yoga specialist
  • Indian Head therapy
  • Degree in Business & Tourism 

 Born in 1980 in Murcia, Spain, Jose spent several years residing, working and perfecting his English in the U.K. He has always been related to high standards of customer Service, developed on his long experience (over 15 years) acquired working in Hotels and Airlines.

However in 2009, he returned to his native country and moved to Marbella. It was his passion for Health & Welfare, and belief in providing high quality customer service what lead Jose to begin his studies as a massage therapist.

Prior to star business with Om Equilibrium, he worked in Sala Beach Club first, and Puente Romano Hotel after, where he gained experience in several therapies. In 2011, he along with Alejandra Silva created what is now OM EQUILIBRIUM (Health&Wellness), with the aim to create an ideal place for Health and Wellbeing.

Alejandra Silva Ferrari

Alejandra Silva Ferrari



  • Graduate in Physical Activities and Sport
  • Pilates Method instructor
  • Massage & Shiatsu therapist
  • Thai – Yoga specialist

Born and raised in Buenos aires, Argentina in 1984. Alejandra Silva always expressed a certain love and appreciation for sports. So it was no surprise that she decided to study physical/sport education at the University of Buenos Aires, where she earned her bachelor degree.

Alejandra played volleyball at the federate level until a set back from a knee injury. It was during this period of rehabilitation for her knee that she discovered the benefits of Pilates. And so her love affair and passion for Pilates was born. In 2005, she became a certified Pilates teacher in Argentina. Alejandra continues her studies in Pilates to this day to improve her method of teaching and knowledge in the field.

By 2008 she decided to uproot and relocate to Marbella, Spain. It was during this time she cofounded OM Equilibirium (Health&Wellness) with Jose Ruiz. Alejandra is also a certified masseur focusing on sport, relaxation and shiatsu massages. Whether she is conducting a private Pilates class or in a group setting, Alejandra thrives on giving 100 percent of her knowledge,dedication and professionalism to her pupils.

She has over seven years of experience as a Pilates instructor, coupled with over 10 years of experience related to the work of body and movement. And keeps updating and making new certifications now (BASI Pilates International School)

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Massage treatments are one of the oldest healing practices of humanity and it is said that is the most natural and instinctive medium to relieve pain and bodily discomfort.
When receiving a massage, the body as a whole benefits from the stimulation obtained by the muscular, glandular and vascular activities.