Our Mission, Our Vision


Search this place, as a place to recreate the mind, body and spirit.

Creating an environment for our users to help improve the health status through the therapies offered by our team and helping to maintain a positive mental attitude.

We seek to improve the quality of life of people and we work in cross-discipline to optimize benefits.

When speaking of MISSION, all members are involved around a commitment, linking all the thoughts and attitudes of the group, allowing the true union of forces.


OM EQUILIBRIUM has a clear and well-defined vision, to create the perfect and ideal place for developing, maintaining and preserving a harmonious lifestyle with the use and combination of , not just health therapies, but a way to LIVE lifetime!

To achieve this, we also aim to build a TEAM that is constantly growing, evolving and seeking to incorporate more tools, preparing and training, thus providing a better service to our users, taking as the main axis of our actions the commitment and responsibility to our users and our human values.

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Massage treatments are one of the oldest healing practices of humanity and it is said that is the most natural and instinctive medium to relieve pain and bodily discomfort.
When receiving a massage, the body as a whole benefits from the stimulation obtained by the muscular, glandular and vascular activities.