A system of physical and mental training working on controlled strength, flexibility, breathing, posture from a place of deep consciousness about your body, changing the way you think about movement. Influencing also on the spirit for being like a “moving meditation” that allows us to turn off the brain-wise messenger, to reconnect with sensation.

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Benabola Hotel

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Puerto Banus Beach Service

Private session (1 person): 60′ – 70 €
Semi-Private session (2 people): 60′ – 80 €
3 People class session: 60′ – 90 €

Ona Alanda Club Hotel

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Massage treatments are one of the oldest healing practices of humanity and it is said that is the most natural and instinctive medium to relieve pain and bodily discomfort.
When receiving a massage, the body as a whole benefits from the stimulation obtained by the muscular, glandular and vascular activities.