Our purpose is to provide services that enable one to improve their quality of life.

The practices and therapies we have created allow you to work on your body, mind and spirit in a holistic manner.

You can find us at any one of these locations!

Benabola Hotel

Delight yourself in our new luxury themed room at Benabola Hotel.

Puerto Banus Beach Service

Relax and treat yourself with a massage by the seashore at Puerto Banús Beach.

Ona Alanda Club Hotel

Enjoy our massage service by the pool at Ona Alanda Club Hotel.

Our team, competent and friendly, apply their modern techniques to offer you the best service tailored to your needs.

You can find below the ideal treatment for you!

Relaxing Massage

Massage therapy has effects both physical and psychological benefits, as well as producing well-being at all levels; reduces stress and anxiety, reactive circulation, helps muscle relaxation and restores the metabolic balance.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is the application of a series of massage techniques combined with a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and aimed at enhancing athletic performance.


Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese technique of therapeutic massage that by pressures, helps boost the natural defenses of the body, your immune power, thereby making easier the development of the capacity for “self healing” we have within us.

Thai Yoga Massage

The king of oriental therapies. This treatment done on floor combines body stretching imitating YOGA postures controlled breathing and pressures throughout the body.


An holistic FEET treatment based on pressures on the “organ reflex points”, to release stress, improve circulation and helping harmonize the body.


A system of physical and mental training working on controlled strength, flexibility, breathing, posture from a place of deep consciousness about your body, changing the way you think about movement.

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Massage treatments are one of the oldest healing practices of humanity and it is said that is the most natural and instinctive medium to relieve pain and bodily discomfort.
When receiving a massage, the body as a whole benefits from the stimulation obtained by the muscular, glandular and vascular activities.